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Taking care of your plants on holiday

You are about to go on holiday, a well-deserved rest away from home. During your absence, your plants may suffer, due to lack of water or light... Make sure you have everything you need to keep your plants strong while you bubble in the sun! The ideal is that someone comes to care, but as it is not always possible, follow the guide ...

Prepare your plants before the holidays

A good preparation will save you time, you will have many other things to do just before your departure.
  • Choose suitable pots for your plants. Not too big, not too small. The new models offer ingenious water reserves, which will guarantee moisture for a while.
  • Add clay beads to your soil, so you can optimize irrigation. The logs absorb the water, and return it over time, depending on the plant's needs.
  • Lightly fold the foliage, and cut the wilted flowers. The foot will gain in force and will better withstand the lack of maintenance in the coming weeks.
  • Plan to buy irrigation systems, to be put in place the day before departure.

Don't deprive your plants of light!

We take care to close the whole house, before going on vacation. This security is necessary, but it could well be fatal to your indoor plants. The shutters are closed, depriving them of the light essential for their survival (photosynthesis). It is absolutely necessary to transfer your pots, so that they do not remain in the dark.
  • Opt for the outdoors, a shady terrace, if the plant species can withstand the heat.
  • One of your pieces probably offers a bright spot, which can satisfy green plants during your holiday. Glass pavers, a little skylight, a velux?
  • Never let the plants, in direct sunlight, the leaves would literally burn.
  • In the absence of one of the solutions below, it is essential to consider leaving your houseplants in a guesthouse with a neighbour.

Irrigate houseplants during an absence

For the pots remaining inside, you can only count on yourself, the rain will not compensate for the lack of watering! If the bathroom has light: pack your pots in the bathtub and leave a bottom of water, this is ideal. Otherwise, other solutions are:
  • Place a saucer filled with water under each container.
  • Many drip systems, exist commercially. They are easily placed in flower pots.
  • A simple bottle returned to the earth, will ensure in the same way, a regular supply of water.
  • Use a bag of gelled water, very convenient. It fits into the earth, captures water at watering and redistributes it over time. 

utomate outdoor watering

In the garden,the maintenance is a little simpler. Plants can benefit from the coolness of the night, as well as the morning dew. Nevertheless, the warm rays of the summer sun will soon have knocked out all the land, for lack of regular water supply.
  • Straw your crops: you will keep better, moisture and freshness at the feet of the plants.
  • Group pots together: to create a cool area and make it easier to install automatic watering.
  • Install a drip hose for your crops in the open ground. Add water reserves for pots you can't move.
  • Bring one or more programmers, connected to the water supply and serving the irrigation pipe. All you have to do is indicate the time and duration of the watering to get it off on its own. Prefer watering to fresh, to save as much water as possible!
These few simple gestures made, you only have to go on vacation in peace. Your plants will benefit from a minimum of water in your absence, and will always shine when you return!

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