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Spring decoration: 3 decorative ideas to embellish your home

As soon as the last cold of winter is over, our organic clocks want softness and light... As soon as the first buds appear on the trees and the days tend to lengthen, it is the signal: spring points the tip of its nose ... No way to be overwhelmed, it's high time to put your interior in tune with the sweet season that is coming, starting by giving a spring touch to its decoration !

Attacking the spring cleaning

During the winter season, which you spent caulked under your duvet, your interior also fell asleep a little, just like your desires for housekeeping... The arrival of the first beautiful sunny days will make you want to clean up.

In the literal sense

As the name suggests, the great spring cleaning is an opportunity to make your interior shine from floor to ceiling: vacuum, wash, dust, floors, objects, curtains... And if your energy is as great as your desire for freshness, your home will shine!

As figuratively

But the large household can also be able to get rid of all these objects accumulated throughout the winter: fur cushions, woolly plaids and other thick carpets.

Sowing and small plantations

The season is ideal to put on his gardener's apron and put on his gloves to try to revive his balcony or his garden by sowing radish, salad or tomato or by repoting small feet of climbing strawberries, raspberries or cherry tomatoes, to the delight of gourmets!

Cut flowers and green plants

You can also add a spring twist to your living room by filling your colorful vases with bouquets of cut flowers or by embellishing your kitchen with pots of aromatic plants, which will bring to your kitchen an incomparable taste as well as a hint of freshness. A few new green plants will also give your home a new and purified look.

Install a spring decoration

In a "small budget" version

Infuse your living room with spring decoration by replacing your large, long-haired winter rugs with natural fiber or cotton rugs. Exit the large fur cushions, replace them with colorful cotton cushions !
In the closet the dark candles, which will give way to candles in pastel colors and perfumed ...
Replace your winter bed linen with new printed or flowery adornments that exude freshness. In the same way, decorate your bathroom with new pastel-toned towel adornments.
Don't forget the curtains, which are an important point of decoration: replace your thick, dark winter curtains with fresh, colorful and transparent curtains!

In "open bar" version

If your budget allows you to do so, you may also want to consider launching larger renovations, such as changing the colors of your paintings, replacing them with a colorful plaster or adding strips of tapestry to geometric patterns to highlight a part of your living room, for example.
The installation of a parquet floor or a new painting of all your doors can also bring a touch of freshness to your home.

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