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Private swimming pool: what security devices to install at home?

If you are in possession of a swimming pool whose pool is buried, you are legally obliged to put in place at least one safety device. The main purpose of these systems is to prevent drowning, especially in young children. Discover the different devices to put in place for your pool to ensure the safety of all.

Protective barriers

Protective barriers block access to the pool for children who are not accompanied by an adult. Thanks to their robustness and locking system, they are designed to withstand the attempts of a young child to enter. For optimal efficiency, the height of these barriers must be greater than 1.10 meters. In this way, a child will be unable to climb it. In addition, the gates must circle the basin completely, leaving enough room to move through its perimeter, and comply with the NF P90-306 standard.

Pool shelters

Once closed, thepool shelter has the advantage of making access to the pool totally impossible for children. The closure system must therefore be particularly robust. This device also has the advantage of making the pool accessible all year round, regardless of the weather. The pool shelters offered by are the ideal solution to secure your pool. They are AFNOR NF P90-309 compliant, telescopic and operate without a ground rail. Aladdin shelters are particularly strong, and are resistant to shocks and weather of all kinds. To make your life easier, the Aladdin Concept team can of course take care of the installation of the sliding equipment, and accompanies you throughout the project with professionalism.

Sound alarm systems

There are two types of audible alarm to secure swimming pools. The first triggers when it detects a fall in the water. These are submerged alarms. The second hazard alert when they identify the crossing of a strategically placed line. These are infrared alarms. In order to function optimally, the controls to disable the device must of course be placed out of reach of children. In all cases, the audible alarm system must comply with the NF P90-307 standard.

The tarpaulins and blankets

You can also choose to protect your pond by installing a tarp or special blanket. They must be able to withstand the weight of a child as well as an adult, up to 100 kg. Safety tarpaulins also provide the ability to maintain water temperature, as well as protect against drowning. It is the NF P90-308 standard that guarantees the reliability of such equipment.
You now have all the cards in hand to effectively protect your pool with safety features to install at home. All you have to do is make your choice! Please note that if you do not comply with the current law, you may be fined up to 45,000 euros.

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