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How do you install solar panels yourself?

More and more French people are turning to renewable energy for their energy needs. Cleaner, more economical and more environmentally friendly, renewable energy is gaining in single-family homes. Among the devices that allow these energies to be put in place are solar panels. An excellent alternative to producing your own electricity. And for individuals, this is all the more advantageous since the public authorities encourage these individual initiatives and put in place various aids for solar in order to encourage the French to pass the solar threshold. Do you want to get started, too? Want to set up your own solar kits? How do you install solar panels at home? We explain everything to you!

What is the solar kit?

A solar kit is a photovoltaic installation with a power of 3 kWc or less. These solar panels can be installed very easily for someone who is not necessarily a professional. The solar kit simply needs to be connected to the grid with a simple electrical outlet or connected to the electric panel. You can find solar kits to put on the ground or panels to install on your roof. To determine the situation of your photovoltaic panels, you will have to evaluate several criteria depending on the situation of your home in order to obtain the best possible sunlight.

Why choose self-consumption?

When you decide to install solar panels at home via a solar kit, you want to get into self-consumption! What is self-consumption? Self-consumption is the act of consuming part or all of the energy produced by a renewable energy source that you would have installed. The process can take many forms. Here with solar we speak:
  • Totalself-consumption: you consume in full the energy that your solar panels produce.
  • self-consumption with the sale of the surplus: you consume part of the energy produced by your solar panels and sell your surplus to the EDF OA network.
Note that it is also possible to sell all of its energy produced to the EDF OA network. In the past, this practice was commonly used. The aim was to produce energy only for the purpose of selling it to the EDF OA network. Indeed, about ten years ago the energy purchase rates by EDF OA were very interesting, sometimes even more than the savings made by using the energy produced. Today, the situation has reversed as EDF OA's purchase rates are systematically reduced. It is therefore more cost-effective to consume some of your energy and sell the surplus to the grid.

The solar kit: let's get started?

If you have the soul of a handyman, you may be tempted by installing your solar panels "home"! Caution, however, is that it is electricity that we are talking about. There may be risks if you are not notified! Find out before you start an installation. It is true that solar panels in kits are a good alternative for people who do not necessarily want to invest in a large solar installation. However, be aware that installing solar panels in kits prevents you from benefiting from certain aids, normally allocated for the installation of solar panels by a certified RGE professional (Recognized Guarantors of the Environment):
  • The premium for self-consumption
  • Selling with surplus
Moreover, by installing your own solar kit, you are obliged to do total self-consumption, so you are not eligible to sell your excess energy.
Choosing solar panels to install yourself is an interesting solution if you want to save energy easily. If you have a large, well-oriented garden, you can even lay your installation on the ground. However, if your approach is to invest in a cost-effective installation over the long term, it makes more sense to install solar panels through a licensed professional. You will be able to choose your type of self-consumption, save energy while valuing the energy not consumed by selling it to EDF OA. Especially since going through an RGE professional allows you to benefit from state aid for the installation of your solar panels, this can be very interesting for you! Companies offer free online quotes to evaluate the feasibility of your solar project like Hello Watt which provides energy experts. Why don't you go into the solar?

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