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Focus on vintage decoration

The kitsch objects, the return of the seventies and its dynamic atmosphere are coming back in force in recent years to offer you a vintage decoration worthy of the name. A flashback imbued with nostalgia and emotion, objects having a life and a soul, here is how to say stop to the overconsumption and the current exuberance. Beware, however, of the false notes easily placed when you combine too many genres in this style of interior decoration: sobriety and personality will be at your fingertips by following our few tricks deco adapted. Follow the guide and enjoy the vintage decoration in your living room or your daily stay.

Bright, curved colours

Paint, wallpaper or the combination of the two, bet on bright colors such as orange or green as well as on particularly retro patterns, all in graphic and colorful. If you opt for wallpaper, beware of too much, your mistake would be to abuse it if it is patterned ... Always keep in mind the lightness of your decoration while sublimating it with vintage elements. On the floor, choose patterned cement tiles or vinyl, which is back in force today. Are you afraid to get tired of it? Then bet on massive, timeless, warm and unique parquet. All interior decorations, even if you change them, will adapt without any difficulty.

Retro furniture comes into play

You enjoy strolling through the flea markets and empty attic. Open your eyes and find the retro furniture you dream of! Isn't that your cup of tea? Rest assured, with vintage style back, second-hand sites are exploding and interior designers have created retro furniture just for you! Curved lines, noble and often raw materials such as wood but also traces of wear and age, which will give them all their charm. All the charm of vintage décor lies in the emotion and the experience, even if it is recreated... You can also find the usefulness of obsolete objects such as the entry console, the milk pot in your kitchen or the reader in your living room, they will embellish the décor while adding a special stamp to your room.


The materials to be preferred in this decorative style are noble, authentic and resistant. We are thinking of leather, tweed, velvet, copper and raw wood. They will be even more appreciated if they show signs of time, of wear and therefore of their past history... Choose them for your sofacovering, for your decorative cushions or for your living room or entrance mat. Copper will be the most beautiful effect for your decorative objects, mirrors and living room table. Prefer furniture with rather dark colors, the retro effect will be stronger. The tweed plaid will take you back a few decades in an instant!

Pop is time for pop!

The seventies is the dynamism and the pop side at will! Colorful lights all curved, chairs plastic shells, retro radio to broadcast your tubes at full volume, do not hesitate to mismatch your furniture and accessories or to associate your retro vintage pieces with more modern pieces and more sober lines. This mix of genres will give you a contemporary decoration in your image that you will probably tire of much less quickly! Find a warm and emotional interior, leave the cold outside... Nostalgia floods us, make it a place in your living rooms for a more intimate and personal daily life.

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