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Choose your hood background

The installation of a hood bottom, also called credence,is one of the most important finishes of the kitchen. This element must be both functional and aesthetic. Placed against the wall behind the plates and below the hood, this credence is first used to protect the wall from splashes of water and grease from cooking foods. The manufacturing material for such an element must be carefully chosen as it must withstand heat and be easily washable. Then, the hood bottom asserts itself, thanks to its large area, as a decorative element in its own right. It must then perfectly integrate into its environment by its dimensions and color. Also, the selection of his hood bottom must be done carefully.

Material and safety of the hood bottom

The location of the hood bottom requires that this element be made of a material that supports the high temperatures of the cooking plates. Also, the hood bottoms are exclusively designed in stainless steel or safe glass. These two materials do not evolve in contact with a heat source and have ideal properties to protect the wall. In addition, the stainless steel and glass plates are very thin (between 5 and 10 mm), which allows them to be installed according to the standard, i.e. 10 cm from the cooking plates.

Styles and colors of the hood background

Simple plate placed against the wall, the hood bottom is minimalist in its composition. However, most pieces are 60 cm tall and cover the entire length of the baking sheets. Also, this is an imposing element in a kitchen. So it has to be aesthetic.
The stainless steel, because of its bright grey hue, immediately brings modernity to the kitchen. In addition, this material is in tune with contemporary appliances. Its shiny side will come nicely echoed with kitchen utensils and faucets.
The secure glass naturally has a smoky hue that is also suitable for contemporary kitchens, especially if the room has other glass elements. The safety glass hood bottom comes in different colors to bring a pop note or to match with other equipment.

A bespoke hood background

Before choosing a safety or stainless steel glass hood background, it is imperative to measure the height between the worktop and the bottom of the hood. Indeed, credences exist in several dimensions. Less handymen will opt for a pre-cut glass plate that simply attaches to the wall with screws. Seasoned handymen will be able to cut a stainless steel plate of useful dimensions themselves. This work requires having a particular material and being comfortable with tracing and cutting.
Hood funds are guaranteed between 2 and 10 years. They easily maintain with soapy water and quickly wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

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