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A retro coffee table for a vintage living room

Installed in the center of the room surrounded by sofas and other decorative objects, a coffee table is an unconditional in the living room. However, this master piece aims to modernize while applying the vintage trends that are coming back in the world of interior decoration..

Coffee table: a timeless accessory

From a general point of view, a coffee table is first and foremost a central element of the living room, regardless of its type. It is its materials, colors and shape that make up the charm it wants to give to your decoration.
Having appeared in the 1940s and 1990s, the retro coffee table is never out of fashion. It is always very trendy and is the subject of a great fascination for all lovers of decoration. It may be considered an antique piece of furniture with retro accessories, but manufacturers around the world are quick to bring an ever-impressive innovation in its design.

A retro coffee table for all styles

When you hear the word "retro" and "vintage," you tend to think of the past, and that's not entirely false. On the other hand, the past tends to be reborn and to make a place for itself in today's world, in a more modern way of course. That's why vintage is now one of the most popular decorating styles, not only among individuals, but also with professionals.
A retro coffee table is therefore a smart choice if you want to make your living room more vintage. As she mainly uses beautiful materials, her presentation and the atmosphere she exudes can only delight guests and guests. It can be of all possible shapes: round, square, rectangular or even oval for your greatest satisfaction.
The coffee tables can also go in even numbers or in a single copy. Its materials are often made of wood, marble, ceramic or rattan. The choice of material will be based solely on the look you want to bring to your living room.

Which retro coffee table for which living room?

Although vintage is one mainly inspired by the creations of past years, it is also possible to customize its coffee table according to its tastes and needs. That's why each model has been specially designed for different use.
There is a wide variety of coffee tables at the moment: Scandinavian coffee tables,coffee tables with wooden, steel or marble trays, country coffee tables and many more. A coffee table made especially in rattan for example tends to give a bohemian touch in the room where it will be placed, while an industrial retro coffee table is ideal for loft decoration. If what you're looking for is to give your living room a 50s or 60s touch, it's best to adopt a coffee table made of jiggle or marble.

Vintage decorating tips

Using a retro coffee table isn't enough to make your living room more vintage. You have to match the other furniture with it. For example, use solid wood buffets as well as industrial streetlights. Also play with more live colors.

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